Are You Buying What Trump is Selling?

I won’t. I know his business record, and had him pegged as a douchebag by 1989.

1.  Drive through Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Akron, Erie or many other cities, and assume you have a son working for almost nothing. “See that abandoned factory? Your great grandfather worked there.!” Go a few blocks over, and tell him his grandfather worked there. Drive a way further to another abandoned factory, and say ‘”I worked there.”

2.  Then, drive through the neighborhoods and see the boarded up homes. “That’s where Grandpa lived.”

3.  While driving through the neighborhoods, let him observe the Negroes doing drug deals on the corners.

4. Get back home, and observe the landscapers speaking only Spanish. In a fit of ire, you yell “En Estados Unidos, habla Inglés, por favor!”

5. Then, look at your household goods, and see “Made In China” on almost all of them.

6. Then, turn on your cable news network (any of the three), and it’s All Trump, All The Time. The more outrageous things he says, the more coverage he gets.

EXTRA POINT: You might just buy what Trump is selling. I will not. He has shown no integrity, but plenty of opportunism. He wants to deport the illegal aliens out of the nation, but who would work at the properties he put his name on?  When I heard about the Trump Doral Golf Resort in Miami, I almost threw up. I’ve ridden past it and wanted to play it, as it is a beautiful course. I have no idea when he put his name on it. It used to be just Doral.

I know the GOP is split, and maybe it should be. Yes, I want jobs to come back to America, but I am a strong believer in “Live And Let Live.” If another person is gay or black, I do not care. I know who I am, I have my own skin tone and preferences, but if you are gay, black or Latino, I do not care. You’re as American as I. Trump has no government executive experience, and is most likely nowhere nearly as wealthy as he claims. It’s a crazy thing with this progressive agreeing with the right, but I, along with them, align with the Dump Trump agenda.


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