Welcome to SixPointsCLE!

First, here’s the format:

Easy in, easy out: Six bullet points, short and sweet, to let you easily digest and possibly think.

Then, the Extra Point, a commentary I also hope will help you think.

Second, who am I? I’m white, straight, agnostic with Judeo-Christian roots,  a son of the middle class, but one who does not automatically hate anyone different than I. My politics can be best described as “Liberaltarian.” Deal with it.

Third, as you see the CLE here, I am proud to be a resident of Greater Cleveland. Thus, if you read this blog and you are not a sports fan, references to the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers may occasionally sneak into and/or dominate an issue of SixPointsCLE.

You will also see my takes on CLE and the rest of the United States here, as we cannot exist in a bubble.

This blog is intended to promote intelligent discourse, and let us please be civil in all of our interactions here.

And yes, you will read too damn much about the Cleveland Browns.


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